Scam alert: Scott Prairie Jemco Custom Homes Franklin, MA

This is a review of the following contractor who has been scamming many homeowners in the Worcester County:

Scott Prairie
Jemco Custom Homes Inc
59 Cottage St
Franklin, MA 02038
Phone: (508) 726-4045

Other possible address and phone number used maybe:

29 Catherine Ave.,
Franklin, MA 02038
Tel: (508) 528-9785

License Status

Expired.  License CS-058630 expired in 2014.  As per Massachusetts contractors license board.

How does the scam work?

He used to be a builder/contractor in the past but most likely due to drug addiction, he has now started to engage in criminal activity.  He will typically find his victims on Craig's List.  He will show up, do some work to gain trust, ask for a check to buy supplies, and then simply abandon the project.  Eventually most homeowners give up and take the loss.  Below are the complaint on Better Business Bureau.

Complaints on BBB against Scott Prairie contractor builder in Mass

It is believed that he may have escaped to other states and maybe using aliases.